Some truths are better left buried.

Heather is a bitch and she knows it. No one but her twin brother, David, could understand the immense pressure of being a Warren. When their parents give them an ultimatum, forcing them to either leave Rescate County or get a place of their own, she did what any sister would do—took care of business. Not that she told him how. Some things she’ll always keep a secret. Like why she had to repeat her freshmen year of high school. Or just how far she’ll go to protect those she loves. Or how Luis really helped her find the truth. Having their parents arrested was supposed to be the end. Little did she know the danger that would follow.

Luis’s agreement to help Heather dig into her parents’ financials should have ended there. They’d split months before that for a reason. When she reaches out again for his help, no matter how hard he tries, he just can’t turn her away. He quickly discovers things went way more awry than he imagined, and the web of lies they have to unravel is only the beginning. The deeper he and Heather dig to save themselves and their loved ones, the more entangled they become in a world far more treacherous than anything they’ve ever seen.

Can Luis and Heather overcome their history and work together to repair the mess they’ve created? Or will the twisted truth claim them both as collateral damage and destroy what they built?

**Releases August 29, 2023**