Siren’s Curse

He wasn’t a part of the plan.

When Thalasia left for Prisma Isle, she had one primary objective. All she had to do was break the Siren Curse. From there, she had two paths before her. One ended in her death and the other solidified her role as an independent Atlis. That was until she met Seru. A third path unknowingly emerged and it included him in her world.

First rule of an Atlis—never reveal the truth. If only it were that easy. Just as the choice seemed clear, forces both beyond and within Thalasia and Seru’s control will do whatever it takes to keep them apart. Not only do they have to find a way past their own demons, but they’ll also have to fight foes determined to stop Thalasia from completing her mission.

When her past and present collide, she’ll be forced to decide between love and duty.

Released January 24, 2023. Order your copy today!