Silencing the Shape Shifter

Destiny is a curious thing. 

No one knows the history of the shape shifters. All they know, all they are taught—Markham’s word is law. Obey, or pay the price. 

Love? It only existed if they didn’t mind a target on their back. Weakness? They would be better off ripping out their own throat. Born with a deformity? They wouldn’t live long enough to take more than a few breaths. Female? They kept their eyes down and their mouths shut. Learned to survive while hungry, cold, and alone. Learned how to kill, or be killed. If they ran…they were hunted down. 

The archaic village of Métamorphe is a place of nightmares, plagued by a king who thrives on watching his subjects bleed. Traveling far and wide across Prisma Isle, Devin will do whatever it takes to free her people from the demon who rules with dark magic and an iron fist. As the death toll rises, the stakes become higher than ever. But with a little help from close friends and some gifted star charts, the way to freedom is revealed.

The path forward is clear. But will she survive to see its end?