Forces beyond Niamh’s control tug at her from every direction, but she won’t be deceived again.

Three years have passed since her world flipped upside down. With the chance to find the truth at her fingertips, Niamh is unexpectedly yanked into another realm that has suffered much like her own. The guardhian there seeks her help, when all Niamh can think about is returning home. She’ll stop at nothing to get back, even if it means walking away from a fight.

Nessan has protected Niamh to the best of his ability. Against his better judgment, Niamh performs a spell that rips her from their realm. As he struggles to figure out where everything went wrong, a new potent darkness heads toward them. Nessan must find a way to protect the realm and all of its inhabitants before it’s too late.

Can Nessan fulfill his duties and keep the realm stable until Niamh returns? Can Niamh find a way out before her own realm suffers? Or is she predestined to be stuck in this new realm forever?