Darkness Reconciled

Leaving a trail of destruction in his wake, his past is the one demon they can’t escape.

Walking away from her mate was something Jocasta never could’ve fathomed. But pregnancy has a way of changing things. Not only does she have another life to think about now, but her mate has emotionally disappeared and become a shell of his former self. As her love doesn’t seem to be enough to bring him back, she’s forced to make the only decision she can and leave. Things couldn’t possibly get worse, or so she believed. When both her life and the life of their unborn child are jeopardized, the only person she wants by her side is nowhere to be found.

Pierce thought he’d put the horrors of his past behind him. He had a new life with his family and his mate by his side. Everything was perfect and absolutely nothing could tear him and Jocasta apart. Until his worst fears come true and they find out she’s pregnant. Suddenly betrayed by his mind, he’s pulled back to memories he can’t break away from, making the present cease to exist. Happiness is no longer attainable; instead, he’s just waiting for the end to come… for all of them. 

To vanquish the darkness, they must find strength in one another and face a new kind of monster.