When darkness creeps into Bella’s life, finding an anchor in Jeremiah is her only hope of survival.

Sixteen-year-old Bella Kynaston has been the victim of a brutal rape by someone she can only describe as ‘the scar-faced man.’ With little recollection of what happened, she must somehow rebuild her life. Being the person she once was, proves more difficult than she imagined.

Bella has just met Jeremiah Detrone, the new guy in school to complicate matters. He’s attractive, funny, and smart. All things she’s ever wanted in a boyfriend. Too bad she’s conflicted over so many unexpected emotions. She falls down a rabbit hole and begins walking a dangerous line between addiction and self-preservation without realizing it.

As Bella works together with the police to bring her attackers to justice, will she be able to see it through to the end? And even if she does, will it only bring her more pain and misery? Or will she find an anchor in Jeremiah and figure out how to move forward?

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